instechAI is created for the industry by the industry.

Our Industry Advisory Board is assembled from many of the top executives from the world’s largest insurance companies, most innovative instechs & brokers. They have created an agenda that will meet your needs in terms of both strategies, technologies and networking. You won’t need to waste time on content or presentations that you don’t want to hear. Because everything is carefully researched and crafted to give you a real return on your time and money.

instechAI - What’s In It For You?

Listen to dozens of senior level executives from the world’s largest and most innovative insurance companies & brokers

presenting case studies and sharing their strategies on AI, Machine Learning and IOT – learn what works and what doesn’t, take away lessons and mistakes, build your strategy up with new ideas.

Build a network of contacts who lead the way in AI, IOT and Machine Learning

you never know who might turn out to be useful to know in the future.

Join debates and panels with insurance, instechs, brokers and technology experts

to gain ideas that will work for your business today, and in the future – ask questions and challenge their ideas, as some of these could well be wrong.

Find your new job or business partner,

by meeting 200 insurance professionals will inevitably be good for your career development and prospects. This could be the beginning of your new career!

Learn about the most creative and profitable AI and IOT solutions

on the market – who knows, you might want to partner with some of them?

Get the latest figures

market trends and benchmark with your competitors – just in case they are ahead of you on AI and IOT


Most experts in AI debate its use and the speed of its development.

One thing they all agree upon is the inevitable prevalence of AI in our lives. From home insurance to rocket science, AI will be slowly or quickly taking over. This is why you need to learn, prepare and take advantage of the new AI and IOT technologies now. Your insurance business can save and make money with AI, the trick is to find those practical and quick solutions that will work today and tomorrow.

Have your boss, and your boss’s boss, been talking about the need to get a grip on AI and IOT?

What are you doing about AI that is meaningful and strategic?

Large and medium size insurance businesses are at a serious risk of ending up on the wrong side of the AI battle.

It is no longer how, it is when, that this AI revolution will take your day job by storm. Investment in new AI, IOT and Machine Learning technologies is doubling as you read this paragraph. Your competitors are spending millions hiring data scientists, analysts, technology managers and disruption directors to keep apace of the AI race.

Whether it is from marketing and sales technologies, to claims prevention, administration, risk modeling, actuarial work, internet of things and peer-to-peer insurance.

Everything will change, and you need to meet the disruptors, find out all about the new ideas and innovations, and get ahead of the curve.

Your competitors are investing in new AI apps, and building mobile AI and IOT capability, and they are preparing to take your customer base away.

Protect your customers by giving them a completely new, open, easy experience in organizing their insurance. Reduce your premiums by using AI, IOT and machine learning. Prevent and administer claims faster by using new technologies, and bring some new talent into your business!


instechAI will give you invaluable insight into the AI and data strategies of your peers and competitors.

It will bring you up to date with the latest AI and IOT technologies and ideas. You will meet amazing pioneers and innovators. Networking and bench-marking is second to none. Just imagine meeting 200 like minded insurance professionals who are all working on challenges and strategies similar to yours.